Example site built with Yii2: NFT Viewer


Necessity is the mother of invention. And, in this case, it is the mother of a simple, concise, yet well rounded treatment of how to get a Yii 2 project off the ground fast.

I am JB and am a senior web developer for an online company that processes millions of web request each month. We use Yii 2. It is fast, secure and well documented with a strong community. And, in the end, I have come to really love the Yii 2 methodology.

This book is born from the trenches. It chronicles my journey in getting up to speed with Yii 2, a journey that I found rather frustrating because I could find no complete, easy to follow, quick start guide to launch from.

With two years now of Yii under my belt, I am able to get Yii to do whatever is needed. This book documents what it took to get there, but is presented in a way that is very easy to follow and understand.

Thus the Yii2 Quick Start Guide was born. May it be a map through the corridors and halls of Yii 2 development that I wish I had starting out.

This quick start guide is full of real world, fully tested examples, complete with source code.