Example site built with Yii2: NFT Viewer

17. Conclusion

Well, we have covered a lot of ground. You should now have a good foundation from which to launch your Yii projects.

Of course, this has been limited to the basic fundamentals, the minimum necessary, thus the Quick Start. There is a lot more to learn. Fortunately, there is also not a shortage of documentation covering each of these basic concepts in detail.

Forthcoming will be a second book that will delve into the inner workings of some of the concepts we have covered. These topics will include:

  • In depth coverage of working with Data in GridView and DetailView including search, sort, custom values and custom actions.
  • Using custom sql queries and more advanced Active Record solutions.
  • Including custom javascript and css.
  • Model Rules in depth -- create custom rules, comparison rules and scenarios.
  • Passwords and encryption.
  • Working with cookies and query data.
  • Model/DB table relationships.
  • Lot's of useful tips and tricks that will save your hair.

Until then, I wish you well and encourage you to participate in the Yii community.

Let's do this!